St Anne's

WELCOME TO ST ANNE'S, WINLATON 1962 - 2018 It is 56 years ago (20th Decemnber 1962 since the opening of the parish


He was born in Sunderland and ordained in 1994 He has been to several parishes incl St Peter's, Low Fell, the Durham parishes, St Patrick's, Hartlepool before coming to Blaydon and Winlaton
Our last priest was Fr Peter Carr
He was born in Monkton, Hebburn, near Jarrow. He was ordained March 17, 1973 and been to several parishes including Murton, New Seaham and lately, St Cuthbert's, Chester-le-Street and was also parish priest of St Joseph's, Blaydon.. He is now retired to New Seaham, Co Durham

St Anne's

St Anne's

St Anne's and St Joseph's

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The Church and Gardens

St Anne's RC Church ia situated in the Roman Catholic diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. Our Parish Priest which we share with St Joseph's, Blaydon is Fr Adrian Tuckwell


St. Anne's RC church is situated in Half Fields Road, Winlaton on the top of a hill above the village of Blaydon, in the borough of Gateshead, near Newcastle.

The Foundation stone was blessed on October 28, 1961. It was opened 40 years ago, in 1962.

The church has 2 side altars, one with a beautiful statue dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Altar
To the left of the Sacred Heart chapel is a statue of
St Anne and the Virgin Mary.

Holy Mary and the Holy Child

The other represents Our Blessed Lady with the Holy Child. It is often adorned with flowers on Our Blessed Lady's feast days.

On the first pillar to the left of the altar is a representation of Christ the King, in glorious robes being crucified on the cross. On the wall to the right of the Lady chapel, there is a tapestry depicting St Anne, Our Blessed Lady's mother, which was made by the parishioners to celebrate the silver jubilee of the opening of the church.


At the back of the Church, there is a memorial window in honour of our beloved late Parish Priest, Fr Raymond Crumbley.

Memorial Window

It is in the shape of a cross with a host in the middle (celebrating his love for Most Holy Jesus in the Mass). On the top are the words, Here, I am Lord, his favourite hymn. The cross is surrounded by golden beams of light representing the glory of God and it is also a replica of the 'Gloria' stained glass window in St Peter's, Rome which city he loved very much and visited often

At the bottom of the window, there is a depiction of roses in memory of his great love of gardening.

Our Lady of Walsingham In what was originally the site of the baptismal font, there is a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Walsingham (Walsingham is situated near Norwich, in Norfolk, England). Every year, in July, the parish make a pilgrimage there.

Opposite the Lady Chapel in the front of the church on the right transept is a moving picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

At the back, there is a small repository selling religious objects.

Finally, there is our High Altar, where Holy Mass is celebrated and the tabernacle where Jesus the Emmanuel (God among us) lives, loves and shares His Holy Presence with us.


Above the tabernacle is a baldachino, which surrounds a large representation of Christ on the cross.

Grotto dedication


Outside the church, we have a beautiful garden with a Lourdes Grotto in honour of Fr Daniel Costar who died on 7th December 1973, vigil of the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

In front of it, there is a Calvary, grotto and Church Calvary to remind us of Jesus's great love for us by dying on the cross.

We also have a hall with is used for various activities.

St Anne Just above the right doorway is a stone statue of St Anne and the Virgin Mary.

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