Jesus and Pilate

1st Station: Jesus is Condemned to death

Behold the Lamb prepared for the Sacrifice! Mercy and Justice meet. But this is a Just Mercy and an unjust justice. Jesus is torn to pieces by the scourges of our sins and crowned with thorns, the thorns of our lukewarmness, indifference and coldness. In return, The Divine Lover accepts all this patiently, gently, courageously and lovingly.

Gentle Jesus, we shouted "Crucify" to Thee, the Innocent One, we washed our feet of Thee. Thank You for accepting this out of love for us and help in return to crucify in our inmost selves everything that keeps us from Thee and Attach ourselves to Thee in love.

Pray for the unjustly imprisoned for their beliefs.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

2nd Station: Jesus carries His Cross

Jesus carries His Cross

The cross is a blessing for some, crushing for others. Jesus once said: "If anybody wants to follow Me, he must take up his daily cross and follow Me. The crib to the cross, a journey of simplicity, poverty, love, dedication and obedient service. Your hands are the poor, sick, suffering, handicapped, aged, bereaved, the children and those who care for them.

Jesus the Cross-bearer we hand over our burdens in grateful love knowing that You are with us all the way.

Pray for those whose crosses are overbearing that they understand they are splinters in the cross of salvation.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls


3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time

Jesus falls

Every step Jesus takes, is one small step for humanity. But there are pitfalls on the way. The cross of our sins is one example. So The Almighty falls! How astonishing that He who could do everything should fall! O sublime love! O infinite humility! His Head Once crowned in glory is now crowned with thorns. His infinite Blood (one drop could save the whole world) falls from His head profusely. The Holy Head represents the Pope, the crushed body under the cross, the suffering church.

O fallen Jesus, Your mercy and love is greater than our sins.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

4th Station: Jesus Meets His Mother Mary

Jesus and Mary

A glance is all it takes. A glance of love, A glance of sorrow, A glance of Unity. Christ's sufferings increase and so do His Mother Mary's. But surrounded by hate, Jesus is greatly comforted by the presence of His Mother Mary. To be there in His darkest hour, What a great solace! After a bereavement, people feel empty, alone, betrayed even. But Good Jesus and Mary have been through it all before, they are sharing, weeping and comforting with their grace those who suffer sorrow and lament.

Jesus and Mary be with the sorrowful, lonely and bereaved.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

5th Station: Jesus is helped by Simon the Cyrenean

Jesus & Simon

That He who could do all things needed help. How awesome! He who is love and compassion needed love! Jesus had given His all. Blood. sweat, tears, suffering, sorrow accompanied Him. He needed help. A stranger from Cyrene, Simon, comes unwillingly to help Him and so, the Master continues His journey.

Lord Jesus, by ourselves we are helpless, but with You who can do all things, we are helpfulness.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesu

Jesus and Veronica

Jesus bloodied, scourged, carrying the weight of our sins. His Head crowned with thorns, blood pouring down His face sweat oozing from His pores, His nose broken, His cheeks puffed up, His eyes nearly shut with the pressing of the thorns. His lips bloodied and parched, His whole body covered in treacherous sores, blood and sweat and He is filled with the most agonising pain that can be imagined because of our sins. But there is something else that is agonising Him, that is, the lack of love towards Him. A brave woman, Veronica, wipes His face lovingly and compassionately. He looks up with grateful love and then He is pushed away. Veronica looks at her veil and His features are imprinted upon it.

We too will have the image of God on our souls if we love our poor brothers and sisters as He did.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

7th Station: Jesus falls the 2nd time

Jesus falls

Our most loving Jesus falls in a crumbled heap filled with infinite, ineffable suffering and inexhaustible anguish. He cannot move a muscle. He is spent. I am worm not a man. My steps falls beneath Me as the prophecy is fullfilled. Jesus must have had temptations of giving up like in the desert long ago. He puts His trust in God and His Father's will above His own. Slowly, painfully, He rises, like He will in 3 days and continues His journey to Calvary.

My fallen Jesus Your weakness is my strengh to overcome my faults and failings.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

8th Station: Jesus meets the Daughters of Jerusalem

Jesus and the women

Daughters of Winlaton and Blaydon do not weep for Me but weep for yourselves and for your children. Here Jesus weeps for us because of our sins. If we do this, when He is with us, what will we do, when we are without Him.

Help me Jesus to be humble and loving at all times.

9th Station: Jesus falls the 3rd time

Jesus falls the 3rd time

My strength is gone, I am exhausted and racked with incessant pain. Blood oozes from my pores and my body is dripping with sweat. The cross of mankind's sin is too much for Me and I fall, crashing to the ground. I have nearly reached the end of My journey and so close to my goal. Oh! if only I could continue because I love My children so much and do not want them to be lost. Jesus, You did not lose, but won a great victory over sin and death. Help me to perservere when I am downcast and low in morale.

10th Station: Jesus is stripped of His garments

Jesus is stripped

Jesus was born, lived and died poor. Even, the only garment that He ever owned is taken away from Him. His Body once transfigured is shamelessly exposed to public viewing. They pull the clothes off so roughly, that more skin is opened, revealing new wounds and increasing agonising pain. His mother stands there, helpless, grief-stricken and with Her suffering, Jesus's suffering increases.

Jesus forgive us for the sins of impurity, self-interestedness. Help us to attach ourselves to You in love and detach ourselves from the world.

11th Station: Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Our Beloved Crucified Jesus

Jesus offers Himself as He did in the Presentation many years before. He stretches out His hands and His feet, The nails are placed in position and the hammer falls. Every fibre of His being shudders with inexpressible anguish and pain. All the main nerves of His body suffer immensely. They cry out to heaven not in justice but in mercy.

Jesus crucified You share the pain of Your hands, Your feet with those who have no arms, no feet, those who are in wheelchairs, those who suffer every aspect of physical or mental handicap, those who care for them and those who are poor, sick or suffering, blind, deaf or lame. Your suffering and love is theirs and their suffering and love is Yours. Mary, queen of sorrows help us to unite our sufferings and sorrows with those of Your Son.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

12th Station: Jesus dies on the Cross

Jesus dies
I love you this much and He stretches His hands and dies. That's how much Jesus loves us. But Jesus without hands and feet on the cross is showing in a very special way His love for these people and those who have care of them. They are nailed to the agonised and dying Jesus on the cross. Jesus crucified in excruciated agony and suffering for 3 hours, His Precious Blood flows profusely, His open wounds bringing protection to mankind. His body shrivelled up, His body discoloured and the breeze blowing against His body increasing His agony. The Sorrowful Mother beside Him suffers, shares and is crucified with Him on the cross. He gives Mary to us, forgives the repentant thief and us and in ineffable suffering dies in an ocean of love. He is truly the son of God.

O holy blood and water which flowed from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

13th Station: Jesus is taken down from the cross and is placed in the arms of Holy Mary, His afflicted Mother.
The Pieta
To show that He was dead, a soldier pierces His Heart with a spear. We rejected that love on Calvary and we still reject It today. But, Jesus loved us so much, He gave up everything, His life when we were still sinners, even the last drop of His precious Blood, one drop would have been sufficient to save everybody. Blood and water flowed out (Blood as a sign of priesthood, sacrifice, water, the symbol of the Holy Spirit). Mary is given the shell of Her dead Son's Body and tears, compassion and love flow. Her heart is pierced with a sword of grief fulfilling St Simeon's prophecy, so that the hearts of many are revealed. She suffers the grief of losing someone again. The emptiness, the pain, the feeling of being rejected by God, hell and purgatory.

Help, Jesus and Mary, those who are suffering bereavement, especially those who suffer with the loss of a loved one unexpectedly, be their strength and support in their emptiness. Be also with the spiritually dead and the Holy Souls.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

14th Station: Jesus is buried in the tomb

Jesus is buried
In baptism, we are buried in the tomb with Christ. That He who is Lord of Life itself should be dead. O ineffable condescension and love! Death seems to have the upper hand. Where He is gone, we will follow one day. Holy Mary and the cortege reverently wrap the body and cover It with ointments. They seal the tomb and leave sorrowfully. But Mary, the mother of Jesus, stays buried in the tomb spiritually with Him. Her body is somewhere else for 3 days but her heart is buried in the tomb with Him.

Most beloved buried Jesus help us to keep faithful to our baptimal promises and keep company with You in the tomb. Holy Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our death and for the Holy souls, Amen.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls. Holy Mary, queen of sorrows, pray for the holy souls, the bereaved and for the souls of our clergy.

15th Station: Jesus is risen

Jesus is risen, alleluia Three days later, the stone that the builders rejected became the corner stone. He tranformed hate to love, war to peace, sorrow to joy. He now lives amongst us, risen and acended in the Most Blessed Sacrament waiting for us to share in the unbounded joy of the Resurrection in Paradise with Him for ever.

Hale, Halleluia, Hale, Haleluia, JESUS IS RISEN, Halleluia.

Hale, Halleluia, Hale, Haleluia, JESUS IS RISEN, Halleluia. Hale, Halleluia, Hale, Haleluia, JESUS IS RISEN, Halleluia.

Jesus, Mary, I love Thee, save souls.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, for the Pope's intention.

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